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The Nolitan’s GM appreciates how ALICE asks the right questions, listens, and works to tailor the product to the hotel’s needs.

New York, NY -- New York’s trendy Nolitan Hotel is using ALICE’s dedicated hotel staff product, ALICE Staff, to manage their engineering operations. 

The Nolitan’s General Manager, Bogdan Docu, first learned about ALICE as Front Office Manager at the Hotel Gansevoort, where he was impressed with how receptive the ALICE team was to listening to and acting on product feedback. When he moved to the Nolitan, he knew he needed to work with the company again, selecting ALICE’s software for management of his back of house early last year.

The Nolitan Hotel, a 57-room boutique located in New York’s hip Nolita neighborhood, uses ALICE Staff to improve the coordination and accountability of its engineering team. Before ALICE, the hotel used radio and pen and paper to organize their back of house operations and assign incidents and guest requests. Tasks could be easily missed, and it was hard to keep track of recurring maintenance issues. With ALICE Staff, the Nolitan engineering department now has perfect visibility to its assignments, and can track and preempt maintenance issues throughout the property. For the first time, Nolitan’s management also has insights into the department’s performance - they can use ALICE’s reporting functionality to see how their staff is deployed, how long tasks are taking them, and whether or not they need to make adjustments.

While the Nolitan’s GM Mr. Docu is pleased with the increased efficiency and accountability of his engineering department, he is perhaps most impressed with how fruitful and refreshing it has been to work with the ALICE product team. “The big guys in hotel technology, they’re often like, ‘This is our product - take it or leave it,’ but ALICE is exceptional in its willingness to listen to and accommodate the client. It’s what sets ALICE apart,” Mr. Docu said.

“We’re delighted the Nolitan is finding ALICE so important to their back of house operations. We appreciate all the valuable product advice Bogdan and his team have given us over the years, and we look forward to continuing our productive partnership,” adds Justin Effron, ALICE’s co-founder and CEO. 


By joining all the departments of your hotel onto a single operations platform for internal communication and task management, ALICE helps your staff act as a team to provide consistently excellent service. ALICE’s main product - ALICE Suite - brings together your front office, concierge, housekeeping, and maintenance teams, and connects your guests to your hotel with our app and SMS tools. The ALICE platform is also available as specialized software and mobile applications for your staff (ALICE Staff), your concierge (ALICE Concierge) and your guests (ALICE Guest). Each module is fully integratable with PMS, POS, and all other third party management systems. ALICE partners with 3-5 star independent and managed hotels, as well as vacation rental companies, luxury residences, and concierge companies looking to provide exceptional service through mobile staff technology and guest communication channels.

Contact: Lola Feiger / 6178177251

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