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Hotel Defenders, LLC is introducing a solution that solves two long-standing and inter-related problems in the hospitality market: growing cyber security threats and disorganized, undocumented Back Office closets.

Cyber Security Threats: Volume credit card usage, high staff turnover, large amounts of stored personal information, and a complex ecosystem make the hospitality industry a major target for cybercriminals.

Within the last few years, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Omni Hotels and Resorts, Trump Hotels, and White Lodging have all suffered high profile, large scale data breaches that exposed the personal and credit card information of tens of thousands of customers. Last week’s news included another major hospitality attack. In the current environment, it is not a question of whether, but when your site and/or corporate systems will be attacked. Hotel Defenders can assess and mitigate this risk at the site and corporate levels.

Cyber Security Threat Mitigation Deliverables: After an on-site, half-day survey, a gap analysis shows an Attack Surface Map for the live network using proprietary scanning and manual Attack Surface Mapping methods. This is the same approach cyber criminals use to analyze a network prior to attack. The Attack Surface Map shows exactly what the network looks like to a malicious hacker, what to attack, and in what order. Post-survey services close the vulnerability gaps and provide a certified security benchmark status with optional monitoring services for persistent threats.

Hotel Back Office Organization: Over time, the accumulation of obsolete, undocumented equipment in hotel back offices can greatly increase the risk of network vulnerabilities and failure. Having been in hundreds of properties, we hear from unhappy managers who have inherited jumbled and disorganized IT Closets. Common complaints include: they are an eyesore, an inefficient use of space, things go down for no apparent reason, and nobody on site knows what equipment is needed and connected to active services.

Hotel Back Office Organization Deliverables: Post-survey, the gap analysis report includes a current back office as-built Inventory report. Recommendations include streamlining to consolidate obsolete equipment and optimize back office configuration. This ensures a secure network that performs according to brand standard levels. Implementation services close the gaps and deliver a clean, secure, fully documented back office closet, inventoried for all devices and services to the Vendor, Make and Model, IP, and MAC address levels. Online documentation and monitoring services are included in the deliverables.

This solution is available today.  For certified security solutions Hotel Defenders is working in partnership with Netragard, a leader in Penetration Testing, and with the cooperation of Blueprint RF, one of the largest and well respected Guest network providers in the industry. We are offering special introductory pricing and packages for existing Blueprint RF and Netragard customers.

For a free consultation and more information, please visit our website, email  or call or 1.888.222.6054.

Contact: Davis Blair / 1.888.222.6054 ext. 701

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