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New York, NY -- Corigin Real Estate Group, a preeminent developer, owner and operator of New York City real estate, has partnered with ALICE to improve its resident experience and staff operations at eight New York City properties. Corigin selected ALICE, which powers operations and guest engagement at hundreds of hotels and luxury residences in the United States and around the world, to elevate its tenant offering and improve property management and service delivery across its portfolio.

Corigin, which launched with ALICE in November of last year, is using ALICE to power its white-label mobile app for their residents. The app allows their residents to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, receive building information and communicate with staff, all through a convenient and intuitive user interface.

The company is also using ALICE’s staff-side mobile application to organize its employees, who provide services across their portfolio. Prior to ALICE, employees relied on emails and phone calls to communicate maintenance requests. Without ALICE’s task management toolset, they often lost time shuttling between properties unnecessarily. Now, maintenance workers and porters log into ALICE in the morning and have easy and immediate access to their daily schedule. The app also allows employees to communicate directly with their residents, which saves time and improves the level of service Corigin offers its residents.

ALICE is also providing building managers with tools to better manage their staff and gain insights to their property operations. With ALICE, managers can designate and delegate tasks to different employees, see how fast staff members are responding to work orders and how quick they are completing daily assignments. Managers can also use ALICE to request feedback from tenants and find opportunities for improvement via the system’s analytics and reports.

Corigin Real Estate Group had been looking to build their own tenant app and staff dispatch system in-house. But, when they came across ALICE, adopting the technology was an easy decision. It’s been made even easier by the successful partnership the two companies have had since November, working together to forge a solution customized to the real estate group’s requirements: “The ALICE team has been exceptionally easy to work with. The system is already very customizable, but ALICE worked closely with us to deliver a system that adapted  exactly to our needs. The final result is an improvement in property management efficiency and the standard of hospitality we are offering our residents,” said Corigin’s Managing Director Christopher Jett about his company’s selection of the ALICE platform.

“We’re excited our partnership with Corigin is proving so successful for both their staff and their residents,” says ALICE co-founder and CEO Justin Effron. “Luxury residential is a natural extension of our work with hotels, and we’re delighted Corigin shares our vision of elevated hospitality through technology and efficiencies won through a platform approach.”

To learn more about ALICE’s products for both hotels and luxury real estate, please get in touch.


By joining all the departments of your hotel onto a single operations platform for internal communication and task management, ALICE helps your staff act as a team to provide consistently excellent service. ALICE’s main product - ALICE Suite - brings together your front office, concierge, housekeeping, and maintenance teams, and connects your guests to your hotel with our app and SMS tools. The ALICE platform is also available as specialized software and mobile applications for your staff (ALICE Staff), your concierge (ALICE Concierge) and your guests (ALICE Guest). Each module is fully integratable with PMS, POS, and all other third party management systems. ALICEs partners include 3-5 independent and managed hotels, hotel groups, residential condominiums, serviced apartments, vacation rental companies, and concierge companies looking to provide exceptional service through mobile staff technology and guest communication channels. Third-party service providers also leverage the ALICE API. ALICE was founded in 2013 by Justin Effron, Alex Shashou, and Dmitry Koltunov, and has raised $13.5M to date.

Contact: Lola Feiger / 6178177251

About Corigin

Corigin is a private holding company specializing in real estate and venture capital through Corigin Real Estate Group and Corigin Ventures, respectively. Corigin is based in New York and is led by Ryan Freedman, its Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Corigin’s Real Estate Group is a preeminent developer, owner and operator of New York City real estate. The Group’s platforms span development, multi-family rental apartments, student housing, property management and lending. Each platform operates under a culture based on innovation and excellence focused on delivering the highest standards within their respective asset classes. The execution of these standards is driven by the experienced, dedicated and impactful individuals that make Corigin great at what they do.

Corigin Ventures is an early-stage investor of capital and support to tech-enabled startups in high-growth markets led by inspirational teams. Founded on our deep desire to innovate the real estate space, Corigin Ventures leverages operational expertise and cross-industry relationships to deliver on its mandate. Free of limited partners or sector constraints, Corigin Ventures focuses on Seed and Series A investments.

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