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By Katie Scheer

The factor that has the highest impact on the impression of a buying experience is how the customer feels they are being treated. Understanding the importance of this is essential for all businesses because it is what is needed in order to build loyalty.  So let's amp up our customer service by making all of our customers feel VALUED and GOOD!  5 easy ways, with supporting tips, to make this happen:


  • Make it easy to do business with you.
  • Be quickly available by phone, email, and on social media.
  • Always do what you can to proactively handle expressed (and unexpressed!) needs.


  • Allow opportunities for customers to give feedback, including through a form on your website and via surveys.
  • Be attentive to verbal and nonverbal cues so you can respond in the best way.


  • Take the time to walk in your customer’s shoes so you can better understand them.
  • Respect what they are feeling and become a problem solver.


  • Delivering the truth is always the best policy; it creates trust.
  • Sharing unpleasant news is better received when done so using a genuine tone and sincere message.


  • Always acknowledge how you appreciate your customers' business, no matter the size of their purchase.
  • Do this in a meaningful way by saying it in a heartfelt manner. 

Valued customers who feel good doing business with you are your loyal customers. Due to this, implementing the above 5 is well worth the effort to make your customers feel important. With each positive impact you make on a customer, you will be rewarded. You gain not only their business, but also their referrals and a reputation that precedes you.

About Katie Scheer

Since May, 2002, Katie Scheer, co-author of ProLearning Blog, has been with ProSolutions (hospitality consulting, training, and evaluation experts).  As the Vice President, she leads ProSolutions operations, sales and marketing, network and revenue management, new customer initiatives, and corporate strategy.  She takes the success of ProSolutions very seriously and is very passionate about helping other companies to also achieve optimal success.  ProSolutions has helped major hotel companies to uncover customer service opportunities and greatly increase their sales and revenue, and they have built customized training and certification programs that enable companies and hotels to take their teams to the next level in performance.  

Contact: Katie Scheer / (407) 758-0263

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