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Hospitality Financial Leadership - Share the Financials in Your Hotel or NOT

May 22, 2017

By David Lund In your hotel, you either share the financials with you leaders, the department managers or you don’t. If you already share the financial...

Hospitality Financial Leadership – Welcoming Imperfection

May 17, 2017

By David Lund To maximize your effectiveness with your leadership team around the money you would be well advised to accept the fact that it’s an...

Any Monkey Could

May 12, 2017

By David Lund A very colorful GM that I worked with many years ago, had a lot of slogans he would use to get his point across. One of my favorites is,...

The Paper Can’t Talk - “Give the Money the Proper Voice”

May 1, 2017

By David Lund In the hotel business, we have three equal pillars. The guest, the colleague and the money.  We need to realize that the 3rd pillar, the...

Flow Through – Understanding How it Works and How to Include Flow Thru in Your Financial Statements

April 25, 2017

By David Lund Flow Thru, this is my abbreviation, is a catch all phrase that measures how much made it through your business comparing one period to another....

Do Your Hotel Financial Statements Pass The Test? Part 2

April 17, 2017

By David Lund Do your hotel financial statements give you the information you need to effectively manage your hotel? Are you able to see if your profits are...

The Luggage: Humility in the Hospitality Industry

April 10, 2017

By David Lund “Servants don't know a good master till they have served a worse.”  ― Aesop, Aesop's Fables The Empress Hotel in...

Flying-by-The-Seat-of-Your-Pants – AKA No Hospitality Financial Leadership

April 4, 2017

by David Lund In most hotels, the system for forward looking financial management is nonexistent. We rely on the top line coming in and if it does we expect a...

Hospitality Financial Leadership - How Can We Create It Every Day in Our Hotel?

March 28, 2017

By David Lund "Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work." -Seth Godin I think leadership is about two...

F TAR W - The Secret Recipe for Creating Financial Leadership in Your Hotel

March 14, 2017

To get your non-financial managers to play ball with their numbers in your hotel you need a system that they can follow, a sort of road map they can use to...

Hospitality Financial Leadership - A “RelationShift”

March 7, 2017

By David Lund That’s right, your eyes and my fingers have not failed, I wrote the word on purpose “relationshift” and I got this word from...

Do Your Hotel Financial Statements Pass the Test? Part 1

March 1, 2017

Do your hotel financial statements give you the information you need to effectively run your business? Are you able to see if your profits are where they...

The How To vs. The Want To - Creating Financial Leadership In Your Hotel

February 22, 2017

By David Lund The business of managing the hotel finances is not terribly technical or complicated. What makes it challenging is that it’s usually a...

Hospitality Financial Leadership Recipe – Owners, Not Victims Please

February 20, 2017

By David Lund Being a financial leader means you own the result. There is no room for being a victim or victim thinking when it comes to leading the financial...

The Old 80/20 Rule – OTA’s – And How a Corporate Sales Manager Can Save Your Hotel 100K

February 14, 2017

By David Lund I had a wonderful discussion with a hotel sales manager last week about a new hotel reservation platform that does not include any stops at an...

Engaging Your Hotel’s Financial Leaders

February 13, 2017

How one hotel executive found his purpose, inspired his team and produced results. By David Lund This article is about creating leadership inside the...

Begin With the End in Mind - Creating a Finically Engaged Leadership Team in Your Hotel

February 8, 2017

By David Lund Creating a finically engaged leadership team in your hotel is no different than creating a strong guest service culture or a team that has...

Another Hit for the On-Line Travel Agents

February 1, 2017

By David Lund The on-line travel agency world started exactly 20 years ago when Expedia was born inside Microsoft. Expedia with a valuation of over 10 billion...

The Third Pillar - the Financial Pillar and What You Can Do to Make It an Equal

January 26, 2017

By David Lund In the hotel business, we have three pillars, the guests, the colleagues and the money. They’re not equal. They’re not equal because...

A Light in the Tunnel - In the On-Line Travel Agency Hold

January 18, 2017

By David Lund More Creative Disruption? The On-Line Travel agents, The Expedia’s of the world started it all for the hotel business and served as...

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