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May 3-4 2017 • ETC. Venues 155 Bishopsgate, London

Europe’s largest forum for the travel, hospitality and passenger transport executive using digital & data to:

  • Create new digital products:

    That allow travel suppliers to create a digital experience so good that it doesn’t just sell direct, it drives lifelong loyalty

  • Negotiate partnerships that give you customer insight:

    Know at the right time, with the right message what product your customers want. Fueled by API technologies, data and insight is flowing between travel companies. This takes your customer insight to a whole new profitable level and crucially these profits stay within the industry

  • Exploit new platforms:

    Conversational commerce backed by AI allows direct sales, better service and cuts costs. Whether via web, brand app or through messenger apps (900 million FB messenger users compares favourably with 100 million Uber users) the industry is uniting chat, service and commerce.

  • Drive data enabled personalization:

    Personalisation of product, mesage, payment and the very relationship you have with your customer is being revolutionised through analytics, data partnerships and machine learning. The result is higher conversion rates, customer loyalty and profitability

Why attend this summit?

With Google making US$75 billion (in 2015) and travel suppliers reporting upto 34% in commissions, is the era of cheap effective online communication and sales with the traveller dead? EyeforTravel research shows that these conditions have kick started a firestorm of disruption and innovation!

This event will put the roadmap in your hands for where to invest in data and digital but it’s also about investing time and emotion in business relationships that sell your product, enhance your brand and keep your customer loyal.

EyeforTravel Europe has been doing this for 20 years - It’s the perfect platform for you to gain first-rate insight and close business relationships to help you not just survive, but thrive in a changing travel landscape.

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